Surgeon for a day

Ever wondered what it is like to be a surgeon? Well, Bossa Studios has a VR game that allows you to act as a surgeon and virtually perform surgery on a patient. The game, Surgeon Stimulator, is available through their website:

Buzzfeed video

The video above, a real surgeon attempts to perform surgery through VR. The game has different surgeries such as heart and brain transplant. It grades you based on your performance and the time it took to accomplish it. Dr. Johnson C Lee, the surgeon in the video, talks about how surgery should be focused on how the patient’s quality and the surgery quality and he exemplifies that during gameplay.

Bossa Studios

There is even a Donald Trump surgeon stimulator! Overall, the stimulator is a great usage of VR because it allows the player to actually interact with objects and sense what a surgeon does during surgery. Can it be used to teach medical students? Possibly but it cannot be the only resource. It was a fun game but in seriousness, medical students need the expertise and knowledge greater than the VR experience. Maybe if the game was garnered towards medical students by adding tutorials, explanations, and textbook information.

I think using a VR gaming headset is the best experience for this game because it allows you to physically be in that world. The iPhone app has limitations because it is basically just a tap and scrolling game because of controllers cannot be used.

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