VR Story Review: Kobe’s Last Game

Two years ago we saw the end of a historic career in Kobe Bryant. This past December the Lakers retired both his numbers he wore in his 20-year career and to remember that occasion, the NBA YouTube Page partnered with NextVR as they showed another look of the historic night, his last game in the NBA.

What makes this whole special is because, on his last night, he scored 60.

The video gives a lot of emotion to a historic night but the video makes it more enjoyable as you see another look at those last moments when the Mamba is on the Laker’s floor. VR made this story a lot better, unlike an edited version. It gave you an inside look at what Bryant went through and the notorious shot that put him over the 50 and 60-point mark.

The camera position in all corners especially the real-life plays gave me goosebumps as I relived that night over in my head. During both plays showed, the quality gives it another ability that a regular video doesn’t give you. NextVR and the NBA’s partnership was a great move as they knew this would be the best night of the year.

Next, the editing of the piece showed a lot of professionalism and gave it another step on another edited video. As there were many times where It got stale, you could move around the Staples Center and eventually as you look behind you will find a piece of the arena blocked off. This was a weird side of things but brought more depth to the feel of the night, a night of remembrance. As you got bored of his speech, which was most of his video, you could watch highlights during his career and did he have many.

After winning 5 NBA championships with the Lakers, not showing highlights would have been a shame. This also gave me new ways to look at showing video in VR. Working with stories, overlooking a scenery can do so much but I caught myself on multiple occasions watching the amazing plays he had during his career.

This video overall gave a look at what VR can do in storytelling in sports. Can you imagine have a VR experience when Paul Pierce got his jersey retired? Or the last pitch in the World Series? And as you can see from this picture below, it is easy to hide these cameras and have no one interfere with the camera.

This isn’t the last time we will ever see the NBA use this technology but now we can have it for a fans perspective. According to the NBA Website, fans can experience the games in a headset with a better overlook of the game. On that same post made by NBA.com, here are the games we can see the NBA implementing VR:

Don’t be surprised when this becomes a normal thing. Having these different perspectives to the game of basketball, makes the games accessible to all.

VR is coming to the NBA with a bang.