The Confucius Institute at the University of Kentucky

YouTube: VR Jam Lab

The Confucius Institute is located on UK’s campus in the Lucille C. Little Fine Arts library across from UK’s College of Fine Arts. Not many students are aware of this facility and to help it gain more exposure, Sarah filmed an introductory video in 360.

The institute is a center for UK students and faculty to explore Chinese language, culture, and traditions. Inside, there are various Chinese elements such as traditional musical instruments and art. The premise of this program is to strengthen Chinese studies and serve as a gateway between China and UK.

Sarah was able attend a martial arts class and was able to capture it in 360. Martial arts is just one of the many community courses the center offers. There are tai chi, Chinese language, and traditional painting courses as well.

To enroll in these community courses or know more about the center, visit

Sarah was both the editor and photographer.