The GoPro Fusion Review

Recently I was able to get my hands on the GoPro Fusion. This is one of GoPros newest cameras and is available to the public for the price of $699.99. This camera worked very well and was very easy to use, however there were a few things that bothered me while I was using it.


This camera is very much so, a turn on a go kind of camera. No setup is necessary, you simply turn on the camera, install the app, and go. At first glance I was admittedly worried that this camera was going to require some learning seeing as how I had never used a 360 camera before, however this was not the case. Ease of use is definitely what the people over at GoPro were going for and they succeeded.

Secondly the camera is very compact and if it wasn’t for all of my audio recording equipment it would have been very easily transportable and carried with you. It will easily fit into any backpack, purse, or bag that you have with you and weighs almost nothing so it will not be a burden.

Lastly the app that accompanies the camera is very straight forward and can be found here or downloaded from the Google Play or Itunes stores. Upon downloading the app you simply connect to its wifi signal through your cell phone and thats it, your’e good to go. You can preview what your going to be seeing through your camera on your phone in real time and review footage right after you’ve recorded it.

image of the app required


My primary concern with this camera is that upon primary purchase (unless you add them to the purchase from the website) SD cards are not included with purchase. Normally this would not concern me however I heard from our local tech advisor that if you are to put the wrong kind of SD card into this camera it is very possible that you will ruin or disable the camera.

The angle of the video on the app and where the camera is physically facing is not always front facing. What I mean by this is that on my phone preview I believed that I was recording in front of me and that the camera was facing the right way. However upon playing the video most people say that they were facing the wrong way at the start. This happened regardless of which way I turned the camera. I would like to have a “look to front” option or something along those lines in the future to improve ease of use.

The app has very limited storage. Upon recording my videos and taking my pictures on site the first video and picture showed up just fine and I was able to review them just fine to check for quality. However upon recording one more video and three more pictures the app no longer allowed me to look at what I had recorded. Whether or not this was an issue of storage on my actual phone or the app i’m not to sure of but it really caused an inconvenience on shoot day.

How to Use

I hate for this section to be lack luster, however, this camera is probably as easy as it gets when it comes to 360 video. Upon unboxing the camera you simply connect it to your phone through the app, and thats it. you are also going to need to insert your own (or purchase them as a package through the website) SD cards before the camera lets you begin, but none the less. This camera took me all of 5 minutes to set up and in no time I was shooting high quality 360 video at the push of a button.

General Use

I can see a lot of people using this camera in both recreational life and all other aspects of journalism or documentation. As with most 360 cameras the footage captured is always fascinating to behold and with this camera being able to produce footage up to 5.2 K quality, I can see it being a big hitter in the video production world. From skydiving footage all the way down to a general local park documentary this camera can do it all

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