The Yahoo Falls Massacre

My VR story is about the Yahoo Falls massacre. This is a story that is not well known and you’d have to do some individual research online to learn more about it. I take you to Yahoo Falls which is a fairly known waterfall in Daniel Boone National Forest in the Cumberland Valley of Kentucky. In the 1800s this area was occupied by Native Americans. The Cumberland River Valley Cherokee tribe was offered education and asylum by Reverend Gideon Blackburne, who was a friend of Indian tribes in the area. It was arranged by Princess Cornblossom, who was the daughter of the war chief at the time, for everyone to arrive at the falls and head East toward Chattanooga around midnight. In Chattanooga they had schools catering toward Indian children and housing waiting for them. On August 10, 1810 John Sevier and others fighting under the United States War Department arrived at the falls and shot the women and children below them. Although there is no official documentation, this story has been published online in passed down verbally from generation to generation. For more specific details on this story check out this link :