Viar360 is an editing technology
that allows the users to create interactive 360-degree stories. It is a web application created by a group of developers who want to help people explore new places. It’s free for people who sign-up for an account and want to create 360-degree stories. Viar360 allows people to distribute their stories, however, the subscription costs vary from $19/month to a custom price/month that depends on bandwidth and the number of stories published. Personally, I think the cost is quite reasonable because you can easily edit content, everything is saved through the website, and you can publish numerous interactive stories. I was initially confused by the features and how they work. Once I started watching a few of the tutorials that are provided through their support page, I got a better understanding of the editing software.


-Has great features: Storyboard, Interactive HotSpots, POV auto direction, create information boxes
-Can save all content through the Viar360 website
-Short and understandable tutorials about every feature
-Easy to navigate through
-Interface creates a map between files to layout the edits
-Can easily switch between edit mode and preview mode


-Previewing the panoramic content slows down computer (at least with Windows)
-Cannot edit videos to automatically transition to another
-The website could use some editing; the support section is in a light gray that makes it difficult to read.

Interface of storyboard in Viar360. It’s easy to follow, to see the edits you make between files, and what kind of file they are

Viar360 could be particularly significant to traveling and educational 360 videos. The creators of Viar360 developed the platform based on there being a lack of interactive VR content. The ability to be interactive with this content can benefit education by placing people into virtual situations. For example, doctors can look at VR human autonomy and have information boxes describing parts, or smooth transitions to another media file that places users closer to the body part. For traveling, it can allow users to be placed in any location in the world to learn, see, and interact with content based on the place. As the website stated, most customers who are using this product are tourist companies who want to create virtual tours. Viar360 can greatly impact both topics by having the interactive VR content.

On their website, it says “We are developing a cloud-based content management system for virtual reality that will empower publishers, educators, brands, and marketers. We also make and sell custom branded virtual reality googles.” I have not worn the goggles and it’s not easy to find them through the website. However, hey have succeeded this statement by providing an easy web platform that allows users to create this interactive content. It’s highly beneficial and I predict that it will grow over the next few years. It can improve virtual touring, training, journalism, and immersive storytelling.


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