Vince Carter Retirement AR Lense

Vince Carter was one of the most electric basketball players to ever play the game, and after a jaw dropping 22 year career, NBA Canada decided to honor the future hall of famer by giving him a commemorative lens that fans could use on instagram. Any user who downloaded the NBA Canada app, could then open a page that would take the user to the users instagram page, where users could then place Vince Carter doing his signature dunk anywhere they would like. One feature that makes the lens useful or unique is, anyone could download this app, and put Vince Carter dunking on their driveway basketball goal.

NBA who created the lens, is the official NBA partner in Canada, who has the only NBA team in Canada, Toronto Raptors, where Carter played a majority of his career. In the article it explains that the purpose of sport teams lenses is to celebrate a team, provide entertainment, or support the team. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while all live sports were put on pause, lenses and AR were a great way to engage with fans while everyone was stuck at home social distancing.

The main purpose, I believe, of this lens was so that fans who may not have gotten to see Carter play in prime career still have a way to see what Carter’s prime would look like in their own backyard. A way that younger fans could gain an appreciation for greatness of Carter. This lens was appropriate for AR because, it was released right at the high of the pandemic, so many kids, and even some adults were playing basketball in the backyard or driveway, and after trying to make the last second buzzer beater for the 100th time, it would have been really cool to put Vince Carter dunking on the same goal that you use.

This is the link where lenslist, explains the development, and use-age of the Vince Carter AR lens.

This is a video where I explain how users can use the Vince Carter lens.

This video is to help explain to users how they can use the Vince Carter retirement filter.