Virtual Weed Experience

For many years weed has been very popular all over the world. When weed was illegal in the United States peoples experiences on how they would purchase weed would all be different. Now that weed is being legalized in different states, the sales experience of weed is also different and the industry is growing even more.

Weed VR Counter

The VR experience places us into this weed dispensary shown above. In this experience you can use your hands and you are placed behind the counter and you can begin to educate yourself about different strains of weed.

Image result for weed vr

The intended audience for this experience would typically be for people that smoke weed but it could also be for people that are interested in learning more about weed.

One thing you are missing from this experience that I feel is pretty critical to using weed is the ability to smell the weed. The experience does provide a lot of information on the levels of THC and CBD, what it tastes like, what effects it can have on you and what its great for but you still cant touch it.

It also allows you to virtually roll a joint and smoke it in the dispensary. That moment in virtual reality might be cool if you are physically smoking a joint where you are but in the virtual reality experience I think it is pointless.

Weed Virtual Retail reality has not yet been placed on mobile platforms and is not accessible yet, but I think it is a good idea and may need a little more thought before it is released.