VRIT vs. Homido Headset Review

When choosing a virtual reality headset to purchase, one must consider a variety of factors: quality, price, size, etc. As a college student with limited funds, price was the factor I considered before anything else in purchasing my headset for this class, which led me to purchase the VRIT headset from Amazon for under $20. Most recently, I have used the Homido smartphone clip on headset to watch virtual reality videos, which can also be found on Amazon for about $11. Though the two headsets are different in design, they share a common purpose of allowing users to watch virtual reality videos. Below, I compare the headsets by weighing the pros and cons of each.

Both headsets require you to adjust your phone settings to properly watch virtual reality videos. Here is an article that explains how to adjust those settings in YouTube, which is what I most often use to watch virtual reality videos.


To use this headset, you open the front compartment of it and clip your phone into the designated area. Once your phone is secured in the headset, you strap the headset on to your head and use the side levers to adjust the clarity of the video. Each video differs in quality; therefore, you will likely need to adjust the levers with every new video you watch. One major con about this headset is that the compartment that holds your phone in place is extremely weak, which causes the phone to fall out a lot. The size of the headset is also another factor that I do not like, but it is no bigger than any other mainstream virtual reality headset. Other than those two cons, the VRIT headset is a quality headset for a quality price.


To use this clip on headset, you simply slide it on to the side of your smartphone and look through the lenses as if you are looking through eye glasses. This clip on headset is awesome for on-the-go watching, as it breaks down to be small enough to store away in your pocket, as seen in the picture below. Though the size and price of the Homido are two major perks of the headset, the quality of the Homido lacks in comparison to the VRIT headset. One reason for this is that when you are watching virtual reality videos through the Homido, you can still see your real-life surroundings. Unlike virtual reality headsets that clip on to your head, the Homido does not block out your surroundings, which can be very distracting. I found that it really took away from the virtual reality experience. Also, the quality is not great because you are not able to adjust the lenses at all. However, if you are looking for a headset that is extremely cheap and convenient, and you are not too concerned about the quality of the virtual reality experience, I would recommend the Homido.

Ultimately, I would recommend the VRIT headset over the Homido clip on headset. Though the VRIT headset costs a bit more and is larger, the quality is significantly better. Actually strapping a headset on to your head that blocks out your surrounding allows you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual reality world. If you are looking to purchase a quality virtual reality headset that will not break the bank, I would definitely recommend the VRIT headset.