What will you miss about The Cliff?

Cliff Hagan Stadium is coming a close this summer, and with it, “The Cliff.” The Cliff is an all-out student party in the outfield of each Kentucky baseball game, where UK students and alumni come out to have a ball watching the BatCats in action. You can bring your own drinks, food, and music to tailgate while the game is going on, filled with all the C-A-T-S chants and celebration you could ever need.

In our first team project, we highlighted a fan perspective from the individuals in the audience at Cliff Hagan. With this project, we wanted to focus on the students and the memories of those at The Cliff. We were able to talk to several students who discussed their favorite times as a current and past student at baseball games and moments that meant a lot to them in the beloved outfield hangout spot. It was sentimental to a lot of them, and I feel like we captured that, along with the other wild and crazy aspects that come with The Cliff.

Filming: Hayden Hooper

Publishing/Editing/Writing: Jack Pilgrim